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Since 2016 omni-electronica has been recognized as a reference in sensing and digitalization solutions in the physical world enabling Cyber-physical Systems (CPS). In 2019, with its newly released Building Operating System (BOS) AMI-Hub, it positioned itself as the most efficient way to transform any common building into a Smart Building.

As a result of its innovative state-of-the-art technology, the company has been rewarded multiple government grants in São Paulo-Brazil, raised angel investment rounds including Corporate Venture Capital, and an internationalization bridge round from an American fund.

We stand out for having 100% ownership and intellectual property over our verticalized solution, thus guaranteeing an undeniable technical capacity to enable the most sophisticated Cyber-physical System infrastructures for ambient intelligence in Smart Buildings.


To deliver data and applications that remove obstacles of interaction between people and the physical world.


AMI-Hub in conjunction with a cyber-physical infrastructure will be the most efficient way to enable ambient intelligence in Smart Buildings that assure wellness and productivity.


We are transparent: transparency builds trust, and our colleagues, clients, and partners trust us

We are passionate: you can rely on people that are passionate and committed to what they do


We are pathfinders: we are only limited by our imagination

We are ubiquitous: technology is everywhere and for all, therefore we must address a global market and its cultural diversity


Join our team!

Vamos construir o futuro! 

Estamos constantemente contratando novos talentos!

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